Internet Domain Name Disputes

Many people experience today difficulties in registering Internet domain names in Turkey. The Middle East Techical University, the single authorized insttitution charged with registration of ccTLD domain names ending with, requires trademark registration or trade register certificate prior to domain name registration. This is helpful in that it prevents conflicts stemming from malicious registration. On the other hand, registration of domain names ending with .com are handled by various institutions and companies overseen by ICANN. The single rule adopted in registering those international domain names is based on the principle of "be the first to register." However, this approach may also lead to registration of domain names by unauthorized people. In this case, the real proprietor of the domain name is determined by way of filing a reasoned statement with various international arbitrator authorities. PUSULA PATENT is exprerienced in dealing with unlawfully registered domain names, handling domain name disputes and ensuring transfer of rights to real proprietors of a given domain name.